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Basic App Usage


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You can play an infinite number of episodes for free as long as you have an internet connection that's active. When you tap on an episode, it’ll present you with a dialog box that says 'Choose Option' with 'Play' or 'Download' as your options. Choose 'Play'. This shall stream the episode over the internet. Thats all free. Do it as much as you want for as many episodes as you want.


If you select 'Download', then the episode is downloaded to your iPhone/iPad. Why do that? Well, if you know you're about to go to a place that has poor or no internet but you still want to enjoy an episode. You can download an episode, and it’s on your iPhone ready to play when you want to play it later. You'll find that downloaded episode in the 'Downloaded Episodes' category.

One Free Download At A Time

You can have 1 episode downloaded on your device at a time. That’s the free version. In order to download a 2nd episode, you must first go to 'Downloaded Episodes' and delete the episode you downloaded previously before you can download the next.

You may notice when you tap an episode, that it no longer gives you an option to 'Play' or 'Download'. That’s because you already have 1 downloaded and you must first delete it before you get the option to 'Play' or 'Download' again.

Multiple Downloads ($0.99)

In the ‘Store’, if you purchase the 'Multiple Downloads' feature for $0.99, that allows you to download as many episodes as you can fit on your device. There’s no requirement to ever delete them if you don’t want to. Downloading is simply for the convenience of playing episodes when you’re not on the internet. You are not purchasing those shows. You’re simply putting them on your device to play them when you're offline.

Downloaded Episodes

Look in the category ‘Downloaded Episodes’. This is where you can find all the episodes you have downloaded to your device. You can delete individual episodes from your device here. If you have not purchased the ‘Multiple Downloads’ in-app purchase in the ‘Store’ then, you must delete the 1 episode here before you are allowed to download another episode.


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